There are many ways to tell incredible stories. Books, movies, music, series, videogames, they all have their own unique way of conveying emotion and wonder. Until recently, I believed that a novel was the only right way to tell the story that has been occupying my mind for roughly five years. I now realize that I was wrong.

Books are an incredible tool to tell stories, but their traditional ways are also limited. The outcome of a conflict, the characters that join the protagonist, the way the protagonist interacts with the world, everything is predetermined. A reader has no say in the matter. An author presents a single 'truth' that you just have to accept.

I grew up with stories that give you the freedom to experience them in your own way. Videogames (specifically Role Playing Games) offer dozens of small and big decisions that can have both long- and short-term consequences on the narrative. However, they aren't accessible to everyone. The 'Playing' aspect can be a big hurdle for someone with no gaming experience or people without the proper hardware.

In this train of thought I asked myself: "Why don't I combine the accessibility of a novel with the intricate gaming mechanic of choice and consequence to create my own interactive story?" On that day, Black Halo Interactive was born.

I'm currently working on my very first interactive story called Therefore I Am (working title). Check out the Developer Blog if you want to keep up with my progress. Are you curious about myself, my influences and more? In the FAQ I answer some questions you might have.